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Winner of the Best Screenplay award at the prestigious Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in 2009, NORTH STAR: THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS (drama, historical biography) tells the gripping, inspirational story of a boy born into slavery, his escape from bondage and his amazing life as a writer, orator, abolitionist, statesman and the greatest civil rights leader of the 19th century in America. The screenplay is available for option.

Now titled DOUGLASS: The North Star, it is the first feature-length action-adventure film to capture Douglass' exciting evolution from a slave hut in Maryland to international acclaim as an orator and an outspoken ambassador for equality and human rights. Even after his days as a fugitive slave were over, Douglass remained an ideological fugitive with brash, insightful speeches and articles in The North Star, and later, in The Frederick Douglass Papers. A target of hatred for some, he was loved by others, and his torrid extramarital affairs cast him as one of the most controversial heroes of the day.

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While revered as an outspoken anti-slavery advocate, Douglass is widely dismissed in many discussions of great American civil rights leaders. Douglass shined a light so bright on the evil in America that he influenced President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the end of the American Civil War. He made the world recognize the heinous folly of the young democracy and brought it to one knee, in shame, before the world court of opinion.





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First African-American editor for a U.S. National publication

First African-American publisher for a national newspaper in the U.S.

First African-American invited to a Presidential Inaugural Ball

First African-American granted a press pass for the U.S. Senate gallery

First African-American appointed by a president to a government office

First African-American appointed as Ambassador to a foreign country, Haiti

First African-American bank president

First African-American candidate for Vice President

He insisted, and won the battle for his hometown, Rochester, N.Y., to have the first racially integrated school system in the country

He insisted, and won the battle for the leading steamship line of the day to provide equal cabin berths for men and women of color as afforded to white passengers

He insisted and helped win the right for all men who were legal citizens of the United States to be afforded the opportunity to vote, regardless of color


It wasn't so much that Frederick Douglass achieved these milestones. It was how he did so.

Frederick Douglass, from slavery to statesman, is one of the most inspirational characters in human history. This film, written and produced by award-winning journalist and writer Kerry Gleason, is intended to inspire people's hearts and encourage peaceful discussion among races and genders to promote a better society.



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