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Warriors at the Gate

WARRIORS AT THE GATE is a chilling paranormal suspense novel about spiritual warfare in the present-day world. One tale conveys an accurate depiction of North Korea and its bizarre culture, with diabolical lust, torture and murder in others. The exorcism scenes are taken from notebook accounts from a Vatican-certified exorcist.

Four ordinary people become unwitting soldiers in the invisible war between angels... and enemies. Their souls are up for grabs between angels and fallen angels on Battlefield Earth, where the Bible meets the Twilight Zone. Their allegiance with Satan's minions opens portals for evil to manifest itself in the real world. You may have passed them in the street. There's buttoned-down energy consultant Prescott Blakely, who is selling nuclear weapon secrets to North Korea; Sally Ramirez, a single mom fighting to save her young children from life in a drug cult; underemployed contractor Ron Baker, who might sell his soul, or yours, for a cure from cancer; and phenom pitcher “Boneyard” Brown, whose got a place set for you after the game at an eerie dive called Bubba's Brick Oven. Lucifer, the most beautiful of the angels, and his demonic legion use deceit and treachery to wreak havoc, chaos and cruelty in the lives of their targets.

The fate of the afflicted rests with the success or failure of an unlikely trio of warrior-exorcists – an aging priest, a pro athlete and a college co-ed. The protagonist, Fr. Francis Vindicare, a Jesuit, is a Vatican-certified exorcist who lost his appetite for demon hunting after a near-fatal encounter with an ungodly spirit years before. An odd occurrence at a nun's funeral, coupled with a demonic infestation involving his bishop, spark a flame within Fr. Francis to resurrect his calling. He successfully ousts one demon in his return. After a student releases an unauthorized YouTube video of Fr. Francis' Paranormal Religion class (Course offering #666 in your student handbook), he is besieged with requests to combat demonic oppression. Assisted by Stephanie Blakely, the daughter of Prescott, and Joe Manning, the star catcher for Boneyard Brown, Fr. Francis tries to thwart a demonic uprising near Niagara Falls. Fr. Francis is put to the supreme test. He travels to the gates of heaven and hell, and in his enlightened, yet compromised state, he relies on Joe and Steph to avert a catastrophic war. Together, the trio must close the portal of princes before dark forces overtake goodness and light.

Satan might not let go so easily.



Kerry T. Gleason

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Heaven Ride
Book 1, Sojourn of Souls
(2014, 354 pp.)

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